Who We Are

Reading is the cornerstone of academic success, and engaging pupils in reading may be one of the most effective ways to leverage social change. If children leave primary school with a strong foundation of literacy skills, they will be ready for a lifetime of reading and learning that will furnish the knowledge and inspiration they need to further improve their economic competitiveness, health, civic engagement and quality of life.

What We Do

• Maintaining a webpage that highlights and promotes activities that encourage literacy in schools, homes, and the community at-large
• Facilitating the coordination of stakeholder activities so that 1) efforts are complemented rather than duplicated and 2) stakeholders can learn from each other and capitalize on what is working well
• Facilitating networking among stakeholders in the education sector and industry to support supply and demand of books ;

Our Steering Committee

Rwanda Reads is governed by a Steering Committee chaired by an appointee of MINEDUC and co-chaired by USAID, supported by a Secretariat appointed by the co-chairs. Other members of the Steering Committee include 13 advisors from: