Books on Buses; 625 books placed on 25 buses in Western Province

For the upcoming months, commuters riding buses in Karongi, Rusizi, Rubavu, and Nyamasheke districts in the Western Province will enjoy reading books during their journey.
On July 27, 2018, 625 books were placed on 25 buses from different transport agencies, giving passengers the opportunity to read books while they travel.

The initiative is part of the Gira Igitabo Aho Uri campaign led by Arise Education, launched in November 2017, aimed at encouraging Rwandans to read wherever they are.
In addition to books on buses, 9 Children from 5 districts of the Western Province shared their stories and received feedback from high profile mentors.

Hon. Governor of the Western Province Alphonse Munyantwali, the guest of honor during the event, expressed his support of the campaign and appreciated the effort to create a culture of reading in Rwanda.

“As a country, our 7-year strategy looks at building a knowledge-based economy. To achieve this, we ought to educate our population, educating suggests reading. This campaign is in line with this objective. We support Gira Igitabo Aho Uri campaign and we are grateful for its presence in the Western Province,” Governor Munyantwali said.

The Governor encouraged children and adults to write stories. He believes this will continue to support a culture of reading in Rwanda.

Mutesi Gasana, the Managing Director of Arise Education, said, “I believe that every one of us has a story to write and unless we provide platforms and opportunities to display and bring out these stories, they will never be written nor read. We started with children because they are the foundation of the future, so write and read your own book. The power of reading must be emphasized for young children.”

Gira Igitabo Aho Uri campaign brings together the Government of Rwanda, the publishing private sector and NGO-led literacy initiatives, in particular, USAID Mureke Dusome.

USAID Mureke Dusome is working to create an environment where parents, teachers and communities work together to support children’s reading and writing. This is globally proven to improve literacy rates and academic outcomes for primary aged children.

The Gira Igitabo Aho Uri campaign runs through 2018 and beyond. It has been launched in the City of Kigali and Northern Province. The next launch will take place in the Southern Province followed by the Eastern Province.