Inspired parents craft reading materials for a reading club

Parents in Rugarama sector, inspired by how their children were improving their reading, wanted to get involved and make more materials to further support their children’s literacy.
The solution they came up with was that on Thursdays, they sit and manually craft materials that would be used by the Gafumba reading club.
Positive impact the reading club activity at Gafumba Primary school Burera district was having to improve children reading skills, is what some of the parent say have prompted them into action.
“My child told me there were some material lacking and I felt I had to do something about it,” says Annonciate Nyiraruhango, one of the parent found at Gafumba reading club crafting reading materials.
“After seeing that the reading club was improving my child reading skills, I felt I had to intervene. I reached out to the literacy champion, and she explained me how I could get involved. Nobody pressurized me to provide this help,” she adds.
Here, parents are crafting mat, drawing various illustrations of letters and concept on the guidance of the literacy champion to help their children understand learnt concept in real world.
“Before parents’ involvement, we were lacking such materials. These materials have helped improve the understanding of concept by children,” says Patience, a Literacy Champion at Gafumba Primary School reading club.
Patience adds that from her experience, materials like these parents are handcrafting help children understand various concepts taught them.
For Jean Baptiste Habyarinka, another parent from Gafumba, such partnership between parents and reading club something that should be encouraged.
“We are close to this reading club. We know what is expected from us, parents, to ensure a successful reading session for our children, thus the improvement of children’ skills and reading ability.”
Gafumba reading club attracts around 40 children per a reading session.