Readers testimonials from Ready for Reading

Ready for Reading (RfR) is a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in the Eastern Province, Kayonza District, Rwinkwavu Sector, serving the community comprised of surrounding districts and villages, including Kabarondo, Murama, Ndego, Mwiri and Kabare sectors.
 It seeks to empower communities through literacy, technology, life skills, and enhancing academic, social, cultural and economic opportunities for both personal and community growth and enrichment. The following are testimonials from beneficiaries of RfR’s interventions:
Mother of Kamikazi Benita
“Kamikazi Benita is 5 years old. When Benita was 3, my husband and I discovered that she was slow in learning and developing basic vocabulary. It was hard for Benita to make even one sentence until she turned 3. I took her to the hospital to be diagnosed from a doctor. They told me to take my time and regularly speak with Benitha so she can develop vocabulary and continue learning new words. The doctor instructed me to measure and monitor her progress.
I started taking Benita to the library to read stories together. When we returned home, I asked her to share the story with her elder sisters. She tried her best. After time, she began telling the story in her own words. Summarizing the stories for her sisters has helped her to learn new vocabulary.
Reading has been the best tool and medicine that helped Benitha to develop mentally and improve her speaking. She is now enrolled in preprimary class. I am happy that it has given her the foundation to easily acquire more things from her class and it seems that her capacity to learn is growing.”
Thierry Irakiza
“My name is Irakiza Thierry, I am in Primary 4. No one from my family has completed secondary school. My sister Liberatha dropped out of school when she was in Primary 3 and I knew that it was due to her failing English class. She received 20% in her English class making it difficult for her to complete her studies because the language of instruction in Rwanda is English. When you are unable to understand English, it means failing in other subjects like Math, Social Studies and Sciences as these topics are taught in English. Liberatha lost hope and dropped out. She didn’t have any support or way to overcome this challenge.
I like to read because I know that reading is one of the things that my elder brothers and sisters didn't have access to. Since the library opened here in Rwinkwavu, I have visited often and I try to read as many books as I can.
I want to make a difference in my family!  Since I learned to read, I started doing better in classes, especially in English. I believe that I will be able to finish secondary school and even go to university.”