Shumbusho, “Shining through Andika Rwanda”

Patience Shumbusho is a children’s book author and illustrator. In 2016, he attended a National Literacy Month event in Kamonyi District. At this event, Shumbusho was announced as the winner of the Andika Rwanda competition
During the event, he was inspired by the speeches and vowed to continue writing and sharing his stories.
“After the remarks of Jerome Gasana and Mathew Roth, I realized that students can gain knowledge from my stories. This motivated me to continue writing, “says Shumbusho.
In 2017 while attending the naming ceremony for the gorillas, Shumbusho was listening to one of the speakers at the event discuss the importance of educating children on environmental conservation and appreciation of biodiversity in Rwanda. He wanted to find a way to combine his love of writing and the need to inform children about the environment.
“I was motivated to think more about what I can do to raise awareness on the issue of conservation. I decided the best way was to share my books and by establishing a Mobile Library for the schools in my area. I called this project Soma Umenye U Rwanda,” Shumbusho says.
He says this will help future generations to know more about biodiversity and protecting the environment. He hopes it will play a significant role in the development of the country and to promote environmental conservation in Rwanda. On this topic, he has written four children books.
The first book he wrote, My Lovely Gorillas, aims at educating children about the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The second, Kenny and the Fruit, is a story that promotes healthier eating habits by introducing children to different varieties of fruit. “The third book called A to Z, is a booklet for children under 5 to teach the alphabet through animals. The last of Shumbusho’s books is Keza and Hirwa, a story focusing on water sanitation to prevent diseases and promote proper hygiene.
“Monterey Bay International Trading Associations (MBITA) certified that my books are helpful to children. They started distributing them in the USA. Now I am working with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to start Soma Umenye U Rwanda project and continuing to write children’s books,” Shumbusho concludes.
The Andika Rwanda competition shaped his future. After winning the competition, he published several children’s books and continues to advocate for conservation through his stories.
 He would like to extend his appreciation to USAID Rwanda, Rwanda Reads and Rwanda Education Board (REB) for the incredible Andika Rwanda competition, which made him “an international author.” Now, he is able to generate income from his work while also contributing to his community.